Thanks for stopping by. I go by Jim, I was born in 1960.

Ask anybody that knows me and they'll tell you I'm always doing something, I can't sit back and do nothing. 

As for photography, well I've been a photographer most of my life beginning as a teenager (13yo) when I bought my first 35mm SLR camera. Soon I learned about the cost of film so I saved and setup a darkroom in the basement and taught myself how to develop negatives and film. In those days I'd shoot almost anything or anybody if they'd sit still long enough. I later learned how to develop slide film, something that was much more difficult to do than standard film negatives, but I've always loved a challenge.

From time to time I would put the camera down for a spell or not do as much, but each time I returned I would fall in love again. During one of those photographic lulls I turned my focus to woodworking. I've been a juried woodworker for over 25 years now. I receive great satisfaction from taking a blank piece of wood and turning it into my artistic vision. I still do woodworking but not as much as I use to as my studio is located in my wood shop.

It was during my woodworking years that my son was born and I became involved in one of my other loves.... baseball. There's just something about that game. During this time my dad had given me a small digital camera that would fit in my pocket, and with it I began to capture images inside the dugout. At the end of the season I would make a DVD and give it to the parents as they typically don't get to see their sons from the dugout point of view, the jokes, the frustration and the laughter among friends. This evolved into taking senior pictures when asked by friends. Working with kids has always been something I have enjoyed (I'm still doing it)!

For several years I turned my focus to the fashion world, working with models, shooting magazines and being a board member of a local fashion collaborative. One of the things I enjoyed most about the fashion world was the process of putting a team together, developing a concept and then execuiting that vision... Along the way I have met so many people that I never would have met any other way and I'm glad I can call them friend. It takes a team to put together a shoot and I've been fortunate to have become friends with so many talented people. In recent years I've stepped away from the fashion world and have been focusing on my Senior Model Team which I enjoy tremendously....

Find your passion and pursue it. It’s ok to have more than one passion in life.

Author; Me.

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